139th Annual Exhibition

13 June-12 July

Featuring the Gaye Rowcroft Open Section Awards: 
with the Roy Dickison Trophy “Heart of the South”
& the Mollie & John Pledger Award

This exhibtion is now open for viewing.
On the opening night our judge, Steev Peyroux, of the Dunedin School of Art, awarded the following awards:

The Gaye Rowcroft Awards:

1st  Suzanne Emslie for her clay models, Chocolate Loving Chics 
2nd Danny Moorwood for his pottery work, Black & White Platter
3rd  Karin Werner for her oil View from Bluff Hill.
Also Awarded were the following:

Mollie & John Pledger Award

Kylie Matheson for her ceramic work,  Shine On

Heart of the South

Pauline Bellamy for her etching, Aramoana

Jean Nelson Photography Award Exhibition 2015  

Records of Exhibitions over the years produced by Jean Nelson

  This exhibition is now completed.   It will be an annual photography award exhibition.