Welcome to the OAS Website

The earliest art society to be established in New Zealand, and now operatiing
on the first floor of the handsome, historic Dunedin Railway Station.

Here you will find a Sales Gallery, our Permanent Collection and our four galleries.

We hold regular exhibitions of artist members' work, as well as
corporate-sponsored exhibitions open to artists further afield within New Zealand.

All are open for public viewing.  

We are open 10am till 4pm, every day.



Exhibitions & Events

March out of Summer

13 March - 12 April

This is one of our traditional exhibitions, open to all artist members. Below are some of the artists who won a special mention from the Judge, Claire Beynon. Other prize winners are listed on the Exhibitions Page. Click on the images for a larger view.

Raimo Kuparien

Raimo Kuparinen:  Arthurri Gorge   Paste's Knob, Taieri

           Jenny Longstaff:  Mask   Mixed

Philip Markham
Philip Markham

Philip Markham:  Near Tarras   Oil
                         Late Afternoon, Wanaka   Oil

           Maurice Middleditch: Harbour Cone
                                 from Highcliff Road

Maurice Middleditch
Justin Morshuis Justin Morshuis: Ladies & Children   Pastel 
           Brenda Nyhof:  It's Hot Down Here   Oil
Brenda Nyhof
Judy Smith Judy Smith:  Patsy   Acrylic

Accent on Black & White

18 April-17 May

As the name suggests this is an exhibition where the emphasis is on the tonal qualities of a work, rather than on colour. Various media are encouraged, such as pencil, pastels, conte, ink - in fact anything that will help the artist focus on these important qualities.

We have had wonderful works that have reflected these qualities in many of our exhibitions, and the aim of this exhibition is to bring such works together, to explore their versatility through the subtlety of tone, without the distractions that colour can bring, and so create their own unique mood. 

Entry Form (pdf) 

Members' Meetings: Our last meeting was Thurs 19 March 7.30pm